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Sure we like to cover weddings, but we also like to do portraits, family photos, and many other types of events. Our photo services range from 30-minute “mini sessions” to day-long weddings.


Our video packages include movie-style edited short films perfect for sharing on social media, as well as full-length high-definition movies provided on beautifully customized thumbnail drives.

Photo Album Design/Print

After we take your photos we can also take care of the designing and printing of your photo albums.

Who are we?



I’ve always had a desire to express my creativity, whether it be through music, painting, photography, or video. Growing up I always imagined what life would look like through a lens, as if it were a movie, until one day I got my first camera and it opened up a whole new world for me. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed getting to film and photograph various significant moment in people’s lives. Most of what I know is self-taught throughout the years, and I strive to always further my skills as I do more creative projects.



I am an Asian guy with lots of dreams. I’ve been very passionate about art, photography and cinematography ever since I was a little boy, but my father always kept me away from his “expensive” cameras. Now, 20 years later, I was able to buy my own DSLR—it took years for me to get back into photography, but I believe it is the perfect timing for me…

…and that’s what photography is all about: perfect timing.

I studied photography at Graduate School USA in Washington DC, Harrisburg Area Community College, and the New York Institute of Photography. As for my style, I like things that are very unique or even weird, whimsical, beautiful, rusty, crazy, funny, unusual, artistic, avant-garde, or sometimes just very plan and simple. “Different” is not always a bad word; I call it “specially unique”.



With years of military service I have a knack for managing projects and schedules. I love meeting new people and helping to make sure that events go along smoothly; if something goes wrong, I’m the man to help get things back on track!

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